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And why you should, too!
Unlike lipsticks and highlighters, eye makeup is a whole different territory. We all know how difficult it is to line the lids—especially when you've got shaky hands. But let's be real, the shadow game is just as difficult and tricky to master! ...
You only need 5!
When it comes to skin care, finding the right skin care formula is important to make sure that your skin care routine will indeed work wonders. But when it comes to makeup, finding the perfect colors that will suit your skin tone ...
Find the perfect crew for you!
While beauty trends like a strong dark lip and edgy eyeliner art are all the rage, for days when you want something glam minus the grunge, you can always count on a trusty neutral eyeshadow palette for a quick perk-me-up. With chic and versatile ...
What do you like putting on your eyes?
We love experimenting with different makeup looks and one of our favorite areas to play up are our peepers. What about you? When it comes to eye makeup, what do you like using? ...
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 Get fit. Women's Health cover girl KC Concepcion dishes four fitness tips, including how to fuel her workout by eating smart. (via Instavampires. Who would have thought Instagram would be all the rage in Mystic Falls? If you're a fan of The Vampire ...
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The big trend for eye makeup this year is everything bold and bright so bid farewell to your neutral palettes and make a statement with your eyes!
The biggest trend this year for eye color is everything bright and bold. All your neutral shades and colors will be taking a backseat from bright greens, blues, pinks, and oranges. Especially with your eyes as the focal point to your face, ...
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