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AKA people who aren't either an introvert or extrovert
Our choice of social activity all depends on one particular trait we possess, which people usually limit to being either an introvert or an extrovert. However, there's one more space on the scale for people who don't identify to the former two: ...
When you're too quiet to be an extrovert, but too outgoing to be an introvert, chances are you're an ambivert and you can totally relate!
When the world only recognizes extroverts and introverts, it sometimes seems great if you have the best of both worlds. But like most being an ambivert has its fair share of hardships, and here are some of them posted on the internet. At the ...
You either have an energy-spending nervous system or an energy-conserving nervous system.
"Boring," "anti-social," and "lame" are just some of the words people use to describe an introvert. Meanwhile, extroverts get "over-eager," "loud," and "needs attention." Here's hoping a "peek" into their heads can help change the stereotype. (via Marti Olsen Laney's book, The ...
It's an odd thing, really.
A few days ago, my class was involved in a self-awareness activity during our Homeroom period, wherein we were asked to divide ourselves into two groups: introverts to the teacher's left, and extroverts to the right.Taking my position in the introverts section, ...
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