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But I want you to know that I tried my best.
Many times, I have seen myself as someone inadequate. Like everything I do is not enough. I would always feel the pressure surrounding me. No matter how I try to understand and no matter how I try to look on the brighter ...
How's your summer going, Candy Girls?
Whenever the end of the school year nears, we can't help but count down the minutes to when summer starts! And it doesn't hurt that there are some summer daydreams and plans you've already envisioned in your head on how you'll spend your ...
Feel free to share more about your own expectations vs. reality experiences!
Before you start reading this list, be warned that this totally does not apply to all. Each of us is different. We all go through different experiences in a relationship, and that is what determines the aftereffects that succeed a breakup. Be ...
What's really going on in your mind as you tear through the wrappers this Christmas.
So you're super excited to grab your presents from under the tree (if you haven't already) and ready to tear up the packages open to see what's inside. You've made a wish list and you're hoping against hope that each time you ...
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