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Talk about productive fangirling.
This essay was written by Candy Digital Intern, Sharleen Estrella. If you're interested in joining the program, send your CV and portfolio to someone in her 20s, it sometimes feels like the words “fangirl” and “fangirling” shouldn’t even be part of ...
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What is your favorite summer outfit?
The Candy editors have loves dressing up during summer. How about you? What's your favorite summer outfit? ...

Destress your mind and soul through your body's five senses.

Candy shows you how easy it is to master the top four roles of your life.
Currently digging the Passion Pit. Listen to these songs!
LISTEN: Mind Your Manners WHAT: Songs from the Boston-based electro band Passion Pit WHY: Dedicate the "Eyes As Candles" to the one who's always fleeing when you need them.Listen to "Little Secrets" when you're in need of a motivational boost. I swear ...
Loved this month's fashion spreads? Try the clothes on in Candy Closet!
What makes you feel like a celebrity?
The Candy editors share what makes them feel like a celebrity How about you, what makes you feel like a celeb? ”"Roch, Web and Mobile Producer ...
What's your favorite Eraserheads song?
The Candy editors share what their favorite Eraserheads song is. How about you, what's yours? Did you go to the Eraserheads Reunion Concert last Saturday? ...
Bloom into the gorgeous girl you are—inside and out—with these beauty secrets!
You cleanse, tone, moisturize-and use egg yolks to add shine to your hair. But you still don't feel beautiful. Don't give up just yet! It's not hard to bloom into the gorgeous girl you want to be. All you need are the ...
Read about the newest addition to ETC 2nd Avenue's lineup of shows: Pushing Daisies
Fort Bonifacio's Libingan ng mga Bayani came alive as the living party amongst the dead at ETC 2nd Avenue's launch of the newest addition to their already fabulous lineup of shows: Pushing Daisies. There in the middle of the gloomy cemetery, 2nd ...
Rewind to August 2003's cover story.
Candy Teen Model 2003 finalist Maja (pronounced Ma-ja) Ross Andres couldn't be any happier when we asked her to be our poster girl for August. Her sweet, bedimpled smile, easygoing disposition (we thought she was shy until she started cracking jokes minutes ...
Yael of Sponge Cola chats with girls on!
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