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A few words of wisdom for these guys' younger selves.
These 2 guys give their 5-year-old selves a few pointers on life. Read their answers below:"Keep it up. Don’t be scared, because you're special." —Mikoy Morales"Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Have as much fun as you can!" —Enzo CruzWhat ...
These cuties clue us in on what they can't live without.
Phone, Wi-Fi, TV? There's always something we can't imagine not having in our lives. These cuties spill what's one thing they can't live without."I think it's my phone because, nowadays, the easiest way to communicate is using our cellphones." —Kelvin Engles"Not to ...
Were you at the event to be with your fave cuties?
Were you at the Candy Readers' Choice Awards 2014 last Saturday? Yes? Then you're probably still on a high like the rest of us here at the Candy HQ.Aside from the celebs who were present at the event, the venue was also ...
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