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Because you asked for it, here are 10 more actors who you probably didn't know could carry a tune!
Make way for 10 more actors who will probably give singers a run for their money soon.1. Theo James. Forget about his gorgeous full eyebrows and perfect bod for a while, and focus on his voice. Okay, Theo, we know you can ...
Turn your bad day into a good one in less than 5 minutes with these lines uttered by your fave celebs!
Feeling down lately? Here are 10 powerful quotes from your favorite celebrities to keep you focused on who you are, who you're going to be, and who you should be:1. Angelina Jolie. For when you're feeling like a total loser because you ...
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  Designer DIY. Lusting after luxury pieces, but really don't have enough cash for it? Why not try your hand at making them yourself? Check out these 5 designer DIY projects to get busy with this weekend. (via  Mini love lessons. Kids say the ...
Kendall Jenner organizes Harry Styles' 20th birthday party, She's Dating the Gangster movie, and 3 more things you missed today while you were busy studying!
Lea Michele is on a roll this year. Afte releasing "Louder," "Battlefield", and "Cannonball" from her first album, comes "What Is Love." Listen to the song below and tell us what you think about her fourth track from her album Louder in ...
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