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The author's fans are getting excited because of her tweet!
Over the weekend, best-selling YA author Rainbow Rowell made fans go crazy on Twitter when she did a Twitter Q&A.But what caught everyone's attention was when she retweeted and answered one fan's question about Eleanor and Park: "Park will see Eleanor again?"Did you ...
We can't resist a good love story, so we list 10 books that can give you all the feels.
Love is a universal theme that never goes out of style. It has been written about in thousands of books, sung about in countless love songs, and depicted in many films. All of us will fall in love at least once in ...
Run through the halls of these fictional high schools and get swept away by the hottest literary crushables.
Ahh, the boys that inhabit our imaginations... ruining real life dudes everywhere with their swoon-worthy lines, perfect-to-a-T descriptions, and that unbeatable je ne sais quoi that even their book-to-movie versions can't beat. The thing about these fictional characters is that their best, ...
And Rainbow Rowell is writing the screenplay!
This just in. Dreamworks has picked up the film rights for Rainbow Rowell's young adult novel Eleanor & Park. Rowell tweets her excitement not only about the book being turned into a movie, but also about being able to write the screenplay ...
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