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We want to try that here, too!
We know that you get those weird looks, too, whenever you decide to eat alone in restos, Candy Girls. However, this new trend in South Korea is encouraging us to actually try dining solo at least once in our lives!Honbap, a combination ...
An answer to your "gutom pa rin ako" woes.
When we feel hungry, the first thing we do is eat, but according to weight-loss specialist and board-certified internist Dr. Sue Decotiis, we should be more watchful of what we put in our bodies. "Hunger is a result of many complex interactions that ...
Don't mix wasabi into soy sauce.
A bread roll is not a sandwich. Tear off a bite-size piece of bread with your fingers and butter it with a knife.Use your soup spoon to scoop from the side of the bowl furthest from you and sip from the side ...
Might be messy, but oh-so satisfying!
We don't know why, but eating with your bare hands somehow makes the food you're eating, taste twice as good. While it's generally frowned upon to do this in restaurants or in public, eating with your hands has so many benefits–and we've ...
Get tips from your favorite bloggers and celebrities on how you can join the fitness revolution.
Living a healthy lifestyle has never been more on trend than it is today with all sorts of diets circulating everywhere and workouts popping up left and right. This fitness revolution is fast spreading and we're definitely all for healthier and happier ...
Changing moods has never been this yummy!
Happy FixBanish crankiness by eating: A spinach salad and ice creamTo snap out of a funk, munch on these tasty treats. Green leafy vegetables are chockfull of vitamin B. which produce happy hormones like dopamine. Daity products contain the amino acid lysine, ...
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