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Confront them or let it go?
There are different ways to deal with people you do not like. You can confront them or just ignore them. We're wondering how these guys deal with that kind of situation. Here are their thoughts: "I avoid confrontation and at least try to ...
A movie date with a girl and her mom? Are these cuties up for that challenge?
What if your date had to bring one of their parents? Will you cancel or face the challenge of spending QT with the two of them? Find out what these cuties will do when that happens:"Sure, why not? I consider my girl's ...
Were you at the event to be with your fave cuties?
Were you at the Candy Readers' Choice Awards 2014 last Saturday? Yes? Then you're probably still on a high like the rest of us here at the Candy HQ.Aside from the celebs who were present at the event, the venue was also ...
We asked these cuties what was the last thing that made them cry!
Yes, Candy Girls, even cuties shed a tear or two over something. What was the last thing that made these adorable men cry? Here are their answers!“It was a movie actually - Bucket List by Morgan Freeman.” – Andrew Baldwin“Is it a ...
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