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But we promise, he doesn't disappoint.
The first time we imagined Harry Styles on the big screen was a couple of years ago when his name suddenly appeared on under a Paris Hilton movie set for release in 2019. A year later, he's seen on the set ...
Can he bring Lee Sung Kyung, too?
If you've been waiting for Winter to arrive all weekend long, we won't spoil anything for you except for maybe one teeny-tiny thing. Looks like we don't need to wait all season long for Ed Sheeran's cameo in the HBO original series ...
Plus hear his speaking lines in brand new spots for the movie.
We've been eagerly awaiting Harry Styles' big screen debut for what seems like ages already but we're even more excited after this bit of news from the movie's director himself. While some people might think Hazza got the role purely because of hype, ...
Plus, read up on updates about Wicked the movie, Harry Styles in Dunkirk, Brooklyn Beckham's first tattoo, and Riverdale's Jughead and Betty.
While promoting her latest film One Step, Sandara Park was on MBC's Section TV with her co-star Han Jae Suk. In the clip below, you'll see a few of her Pinoy movies being shown. She shared that all her characters were cute and that ...
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