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Good drivers are in the running to get a 10-year license.
The Land Transportation Office on Wednesday said it would issue driver's licenses with a 10-year validity this year to motorists with a clean record.In August 2020, LTO Chief Edgar Galvante said this applies to applicants with no road violations. “For those who ...
Less than a month before tollways go completely cashless
We’ve officially entered November, which also means we’re now less than a month away before tollways go completely cashless. And if we’re being honest, things have been a bit messy over the past few weeks.Right now, it seems there’s not much we ...
Knowing how to operate a vehicle is a good ~adulting~ skill to have.
Traffic in the country may suck the life out of us, but knowing how to operate a vehicle is still a good ~adulting~ skill to have. If you’re thinking of learning how to drive, the first thing you need to obtain is ...
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