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Various brews have different benefits.
Famous tea drinkers like the Chinese and the British may be on to something. Whether a cup of tea means a serene morning of contemplation or a chatty afternoon with pastries, it is always a good thing to indulge in, especially because ...
Here are some things you should know about this.
College is stressful; that's a fact. But there's research that found students engaging in "drunkorexia," which according to Science Daily, is a "non-medical term that refers to a combination of alcohol with diet-related behaviors such as food restriction, excessive exercising, or bingeing and ...
Because there are healthier alternatives for your morning jolt of java.
 1  Green Tea Mousse with Red Beans in Syrup 2  Green and Go Smoothie 3  Power Smoothie 4   Grapefruit-Cinnamon Tea 5  Lemon Tarragon Barley Water 6  Pomegranate Mocktail 7  Almond Berry SmoothieBookmark the Yummy website for more delish recipes you can try out at home! ...
Events specialist Marex Gaba tells you what to do if a guest takes the party too far.
You definitely want your debut to be a merry celebration, and your parents might even allow you to serve alcohol at your party. Drinks will help you and your guests loosen up, but some guests might drink more than they can handle. So how do you deal ...
A little knowledge goes a long way. Before finding yourself in a situation where you are tempted to take a sip of that alcoholic beverage, pause and ponder on these guidelines to responsible drinking!
Drinking Dos and Don’tsDO...set a limit beforehand to how many drinks you’ll have. Know when you’ve had enough and say so. Always keep track of how many drinks you have had.DON' forced into drinking more than you can handle. At times, it ...
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