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"That’s the beauty of time: it allows you to evolve, and when you evolve, your dreams do, too."
Growing up, my dream career changed depending on my current obsession. At four years old, I wanted to become a princess. When I discovered Hannah Montana, I wanted to become a singer. When I realized I had a knack for writing, I ...
I found a chosen family in my orgs.
I’ve always known what course I wanted to take because storytelling gave me a sense of satisfaction almost nothing else can measure up to.My earliest teenage years were marked by mornings of writing in my notebook and afternoons of transferring my writing ...
There’s no right or wrong answer!
Let’s be real, not everyone gets the chance to take up their dream course at their dream college. Maybe your dream school isn’t offering the course you want to pursue, maybe you got accepted for your dream degree at a different college, ...
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