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Hashtag DonBelle!
If you’ve been living under a rock, we have good news for you: best-selling book from Wattpad He’s Into Her is coming to the small screen this April, directed by Chad Vidanes.Authored by Maxine Lat, He’s Into Her is a feel-good romantic ...
Melissa Ricks will play the role of Elisa in the local version of Chile's hot series.
Star Magic star Melissa Ricks will take the lead role of the upcoming teleserye Nasaan Ka Elisa?. It's a Philippine adaptation of the Chilean telenovela Donde Esta Elisa? (Where is Elisa?). The story is about a girl named Elisa who disappeared out ...
Meteor Garden's Vanness Wu makes a television comeback with the Korean drama, I Love You So (Autumn's Concerto).
ABS-CBN will premiere Taiwan's highest rating romantic drama, I love You So (Autumn' Concerto) today starring F4's Vanness Wu and Ady An. The story is somewhat like She's All That where a conceited law student makes a bet to go for a ...
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