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Harry would make the perfect Theodore Finch!
We've been constantly visiting and refreshing All the Bright Places author Jennifer Niven's page for updates on the actor who will be playing Theodore Finch. Just this morning, she finally posted one and it involves Harry Styles! "When you have a dream ...
Sel is really amazing.
We are living in a very busy world where people are so driven and so goal-oriented that it's easy to get lost and dizzy in everything. If you think celebrities are safe from that feeling because they should be so used to ...
5 things you might have missed today, January 17, 2017!
Rain is getting married! The Korean actor took to Twitter to announce his engagement to the Stairway to Heaven actress, Kim Tae Hee, in the form of a letter. Below is his translated message to his fans."Hello, I hope everyone's healthy this ...
You'll be shocked by some of the personalities you never knew were the same age!
Fun fact about the year 1996, aside from it being the year of the rat: the number one hit song then was Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day." But that's not all, did you know that 1996 was the year ...
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