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These are the benefits of living in a dorm.
College sure is one word with plenty of complications attached to it. It is enough to terrify, scare, and frustrate you, but also excite, interest, and give you ~life~ all at once. It entails so much courage, which is why you need ...
Read this if you miss the fam so bad.
Students usually pick a school close to where they live but some are willing to study far from home in order to get the best quality of education or pursue a course. But when you study far from home and only get ...
Regardless of how different your styles may be.
Being a dormer has a lot of perks. One of which is that you have your own space that you can decorate any way you want it. Unfortunately, not all dorms allow you to choose your roommates, and sometimes, you and your ...
Make your dorm room standout!
Being a dormer has a lot of perks. You get a lot of freedom, you live in or near campus which means that you won't have to worry about traffic and waking up two hours before class time. Plus, you get to ...
Turn your small space into a compact yet relaxing haven with these tips
Decorating your dorm rooms can be a little challenging due to the small space. But turn your stuffy dorms rooms into a cozy haven in a snap. From having a catchy focal piece, an impressive wall accent, or an appealing color palette—these ...
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