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Like a true fighter.
Who says disorders and disabilities will stop you from inspiring and cheering other people up? This guy without limbs spreading good vibes on Tiktok will prove you wrong.Diego Garcia, an office clerk in Davao de Oro was born without his lower limbs ...
She didn't let her intellectual disability stop her from getting a degree!
Today in proof that you can do anything if you set your mind to it: Brina Kei Maxino's story of triumph.Brina has Down Syndrome. Ever since she was young, she's been limited by her sickness. She was nine days old when a ...
She dreams of starting a nonprofit organization to help people with disabilities.
Grace Theresa Agalo-os, 23, is the daughter of former National Bilibid Prison superintendent Gregorio Agalo-os. She was born with spina bifida, a Latin term for "split spine."The condition is described by the Spina Bifida Association as what happens when the spinal column does ...
Having a special sister means learning more about life, and learning more about myself.
My sister Monica is unlike any other person I know.  She has multiple disabilities—she’s deaf, mute, AND blind.  She “talks” to us by using sign language, and she types and reads in Braille, while we talk back to her by signing directly ...
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