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Here's something to give you some good vibrations today!
Need a reminder that love will always win these days, especially because a lot of horrible things have been happening here and worldwide? Our Candy Cuties are here to help you with that, Candy Girls. We asked them about their favorite love quotes that keep ...
This playlist might help you move on slowly.
Have you been friendzoned recently? Don't worry because we have the perfect playlist for you. Thanks to our Candy Cuties who suggested these songs to us, which may or may not have been from their personal playlists. Yup, even cuties get friendzoned too! ...
It doesn't take much to make your bae's day.
It really doesn't take much to make someone feel special. In a relationship, for example, we don't always have to prepare something grand to make our bae feel loved and feel super kilig. Most of the time, even a simple gesture can make their ...
They make things awkward, too.
We know that just like us, you've wondered how guys act around a girl they're crushing on or someone they like. So, we asked the Candy Cuties ourselves. How do they act around their crushes? Hear them out below and maybe, take notes, ...
Because guys are just difficult to read sometimes... Err, most of the time.
Let's state the obvious here. When guys like someone, we really can't tell that they do. We have to guess and try to deal with their mixed signals. It's just difficult and even frustrating most of the time. So if you've always ...
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