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Here's how you can get started on this hobby!
Remember when you were younger and you wrote your thoughts in your diary? Then as you grew older, you probably forgot to do it regularly because you got so caught up in your school requirements and your social life. Well, here's us ...
Find inspiration in chronicling your days with paper and a pen.
Funny how we stumbled upon Sasha Martinez's gorgeous journals on Instagram's Explore page. Who knew that we'd discover something so beautifully handmade hiding in between Instagram hearts and hash tags. We love how her feed marries analog and digital and gives major creative ...
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  Petite chic. Who says short girls can't look stylish? Pick up pointers from some pint-sized but chic celebs. (via Beauty and reality. This isn't your ordinary makeup tutorial. An 18-year-old acid attack victim is shedding light on a very important cause. (via Liza as Quen. Watch ...
 1  LabelledWrite inspiring quotes on personalized labels by drawing wreaths of leaves, flowers or ribbons on cute stationery, stick it on using colorful washi tape. 2  Visual JourneyNot too keen on writing? Record your experiences though art and turn your diary into a ...
Plus the devotional journal you need in your life!
Do you feel uninspired, lost, and in need of some quiet me time? We think this One on One devotional journal is just the thing you need right now. It's the perfect companion to sit down with when you want to reflect ...
Rock fan Regina Belmonte shares about her first foray into photography.
It was the most exciting text message. I'd ever received. I couldn't believe it was actually for me! I thought I received it by accident, but there it was actually for me! I thought I received it by accident, but there it ...
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The cutest handmade clay creations you'll end up wanting.
Keep yourself warm, cozy and stylish in these ultra-cute cardis.
Watch a play, go running, and listen to a new CD!
WATCH: Sam Concepcion the Narrator WHAT: Trumpets' N.O.A.H. (No Ordinary Aquatic Habitat) WHY: You are a Samster and would die if you missed even just one show. WHERE & WHEN: Catch N.O.A.H. at the Meralco Theater from September 4 to 27 and ...
Are you in the mood for dress up? Step into the Candy Closet.
Start the month and your weekend with brand new things!
GLIDE: Let the games begin WHAT: Nike Women's LunarGlide+ WHY: Because this shoe was designed specifically for women. It's also lightweight and has a unique design that will help cushion your feet as you take a step. WHEN: This is the perfect ...
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