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From dorm room to Tumblr room real quick!
One of the best things about living in a dorm is having the freedom to decorate your space. Whether it's spacious or tiny, this mix of DIY, budget-friendly, and slightly pricey ideas will definitely make your dorm room Tumblr goals!Make your entire wall a ...
They're super easy to make!
If you like journaling, lettering, and basically anything that involves putting pen to paper, we're positive you'd be thrilled to know that we found a guide to make your journaling #goals happen. The Calligraphy Hub recently compiled different guides from Study Petals to make ...
Fascinating prints, bold colors, and quirky pieces take center stage in the country's first fashion hotel in Baguio.
It's no wonder why many keep coming back to the welcoming arms of the City of Pines. The beautiful and lush landscape can make you feel refreshed, the cool breeze will make you want to stay for weeks, and a good old ...
Sit back, take a sip of your latte, and be inspired to give your room a makeover
Everyone loves a warm and cozy cafe—it's not only the perfect midday hideout for people who work 8-to-5 jobs, it's a great place for studying and even catching up on reading, too. However, these coffee hubs aren't just for enjoying a good ...
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