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Here's how to address your debut invitations.
How you write the addressee's names on your debut invitations' envelopes can already indicate if they can bring a date or not. To help you address your invitations properly, check out possible scenarios and our simple tips below. (Generally, if you only have one ...
Check out some common rules for debut invitations and other stationery.
Announcing the details of your debut is one exciting task, as you can have your debut invitations come in a design that sets the tone for the celebration. As you plan to send out your invites and other related stationery, make sure that you follow the ...
Drum up excitement over your 18th birthday by announcing the party in a fun way.
Right after finalizing your debut party details (like the date, location and theme), the next step would be announcing your 18th birthday bash to your guests. How do you tell them so they get excited about your event, too? It's time to ditch the old fashioned announcements and switch ...
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