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And Darren edited the video!
AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto are here to get you up your feet: The two recently met up in Vancouver, Canada and filmed "a little something." On September 6, they had a mini reunion and posted photos together; who knew we'd be ...
They take acads seriously, too.
It takes a different kind of know-how to excel in skill-based professions like those in the entertainment industry. But despite that, there are still famous stars who manage to excel in school, even in the local showbiz scene. Below, we list down ...
Aside from promoting his new single, "Sasagipin Kita," find out what else is on Darren's mind.
At the end of the day, artists are human, too, and they go through the same emotions we do. Darren Espanto may be a multi-awarded singer, but he doesn't allow his work to define him, and that's why he continues to grow not ...
Here's Part II of this month's EyeCandy!
"Sometimes the nerves still get to me... up 'til now, before I go on the stage I feel like puking sometimes. And... I don't know, I just start shaking."But when I'm on the stage, everything goes away and I just kind of, ...
Singer and actor Darren Espanto is this month's EyeCandy.
Everyone knows Darren Espanto is a talented singer, and in the age of social media, that can be enough… if all you're looking for is five seconds of fame. But as many cautionary tales have warned us, talent even with the most ...
You're going to be crushing on these guys soon.
We have given you three of the actresses you have to watch for this year. This time around, we've rounded up the male celebrities who should be on your must-watch lists. Take note of their names because we're sure they'll be so ...
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