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What is first love exactly for guys?
First love. What do these words mean? Is it our first crush? Or the first person who made us cry, who broke our hearts, who made our eyes twinkle? Is our first love the person we decided to let go because of circumstance ...
Care to give them answers?
We have certain questions that we've always wanted to ask guys, and we're trying to get them to answer those every week in Guy Confessions. However, this time, we asked three of our Candy Cuties if they have questions they've always wanted to ...
A few things to remember for couples in a long distance relationship.
Are you in a long distance relationship and are clueless on how to handle it? Or have you been in one for a while, and you want to get some tips at being better at handling the miles between you and your ...
Guys + plain white tees = WIN!
We don't really know the exact reason why, but there's just something about plain white tees that make the guys who wear them look extra cute. We guess the saying that less is more is really at work here. Proof that one ...
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