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These days, it's easy for strangers to look up information about you online, and without you knowing how. With the necessary contact tracing policy requiring us to share our contact information to different establishments, it isn't unlikely for strangers with malicious intentions to ...
Avoid those sketchy group chats.
With all the social media apps on your phone, it's sometimes hard to keep up with all the important messages (unless of course, you turn on your 'Do Not Disturb' setting to find some peace). It becomes a bit tricky when strangers ...
Here's what you need to know.
With the recent Facebook data leak that shook the world this year as well as other privacy-related revelations about your go-to apps, there's no harm in being more aware and cautious about what consequences we face when using apps. Another app that has been ...
Time to update your devices again.
Apple users would know that iOS 14.5 just dropped very recently, and it includes a very essential securty feature. But it seems Apple has made some upgrades to the version, and for good reason.The Verge reports that the update is a solution to the ...
The said posts contain links that, when clicked, will download malware on your device.
PSA: A new cyberattack on Facebook in the form of malicious tagging is targeting several users. The official Facebook page of the Office of the Court Administrator issued a warning against engaging with these malicious notifications and comments.Reports of users being tagged by strangers ...
Change your passwords now if they contain any of these details.
When our day-to-day routines rely heavily on the internet and the various social media apps present, protecting our personal information and online presence is of utmost importance. With the recent leak of personal data belonging to 533 milllion Facebook users—around 900,000 of which are ...
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