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Her natural locks finally grew out and we so love it!
Ariana Grande has always been known for her ultra sleek high ponytail hairstyle. But not many people know that her signature look is actually because of years of hair damage from having to constantly dye her hair a bright red hue when she ...
It's time to show your curls some love.
Have you ever felt jealous of your friends who have long, straight hair, with every strand seeming to fall perfectly in place? If you're the only curly-haired girl in your family or in your barkada, it's only natural to feel like the ...
Find out why we think Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Barretto, Julia Montes, and 2 other fab celebrities have the best looking glam hair!
Looking for a hairstyle that will make heads turn? Try channelling your inner Hollywood star with glamorous curls that will make you look extra gorgeous, whatever the occassion. To give you an idea of how great you can look while sporting this ...
Find out how you can pull-off Kathryn's big and bouncy curls in just a few easy steps!
Big curls are definitely a dream for almost every beauty lover and we just love how Kathryn Bernardo pulls off this hairstyle effortlessly. Her big, bouncy curls make her look extra pretty and we think she should always be sporting such a ...
When it comes to your mane attraction, which style gets your vote?
A list of showbiz's 10 cutest siblings plus other stories from our sister sites on the Female Network.
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Still don't know how to properly use your curling iron? Here's a tutorial that's perfect for you—learn how to master this challenging tool in just a matter of minutes!
Want to know a fun fact? A lot of girls own a curling iron but only a select few actually know how to use it! This beauty how-to video will not only answer all your questions but it will demonstrate how to ... Correspondent Rizzi declares her love for girls with wavy and curly manes.
Hey, gorgeous!How are you feeling? Before you read this letter, can you please smile? A little bit wider, please. There you go! You have such a stunning smile! Now, how about running your hands through your pretty hair? Not feeling it? Why?I ...
Learn how to recreate Hailee Steinfield's classic, old hollywood curls in a few easy steps!
Want a completely sophisticated and classic hairstyle for all those dressy events? Why not channel Hailee Steinfield's glamorous waves at the 10th Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party? It will instantly add an old Hollywood feel to any ensemble, plus you can easily ...
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