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From memoirs and YA books–these reads deserve a spot on your TBR pile.
Given the time we’re spending at home, books are constant companions that enable us to escape the four walls of our rooms and travel to faraway places. From captivating fantasy stories and thrilling mysteries, to sappy love stories and engaging memoirs–books can ...
Check out these cool reads from Filipino authors and graphic artists.
Did you know that the Philippines has its own thriving graphic novel scene? If you love Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key, or superhero titles from Marvel or DC, you’ll love dipping your toes into ...
Get sound advice or listen to stories as you get your chores done
These days, podcasts add variety to the content we listen to on a daily basis. From waiting for your favorite radio shows to looping playlists on end, streaming these audio programs gave us another form of diversion – whether you’re looking for ...
These webtoons can keep you company when the going gets tough.
If you love graphic novels, manga (Japanese comics), and manhwa (Korean comics), you’re probably already reading webtoons, which are online series, typically with full color episodes released weekly. Webtoons have long been a part of Korean mainstream, but their platforms (like LINE ...
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