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Hey Kessy is headed to ATC!
Washi tape collectors, enthusiasts, hoarders—whatever you choose to call yourself, really—Hey Kessy is finally heading down south! The craft store, home to arts and crafts supplies and handmade knick-knacks, is opening its second branch in Alabang Town Center.After teasing it for a ...
Want to get your hands messy with art?
The handmade movement in the Philippines has been continuously growing in the past couple of years and we're not surprised if you've been bitten by the creative bug as well. But with all the materials available to you right now, we know ...
Everything you need to know in creating the perfect double-tap-worthy post.
Do you ever notice how there are some photos on Instagram that tend to look identical? But you double-tap them anyway because what's not to "heart" about a cup of coffee with the prettiest latte art perfectly captured in a flat lay ...
Whether digital or analog, these Instagram accounts will give you major design inspo at the click of a button.
We admit that Instagram is one creative blackhole we might never get out of. But who's to say there's anything wrong with that? At the click of a button, you've got thousands (millions, even!) of inspiration whether it be related to fashion, ...
One way you can celebrate Independence Day this weekend is to salute Filipino talent, creativity, and craftsmanship by supporting local artists and craft collectives.
Are you the Martha Stewart of your barkada? If you’re the crafty one in the group, everything on this list will totally make sense to you!
Crafting is no longer left to old ladies on rocking chairs. Behind those crochet needles and calligraphy nibs, are Candy Girls like you and me! If you can relate to any of these, then you’re definitely a crafter through and through.There's more ...
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