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It's also a mental and emotional battle for this survivor.
After surviving the deadly coronavirus, Aileen De Guzman Remo, an OFW from the United Arab Emirates shares what her body is experiencing after battling COVID-19.Aileen was diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 11, 2020, and was later on diagnosed with pneumonia. She initially ...
The changes are familiar: quarantine passes and checkpoints.
At 12:01 a.m. Tuesday until Aug. 18, Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan will be placed under the second highest COVID-19 quarantine, restoring restrictions not seen since May. The MECQ or Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine will change the daily lives of ...
NCR and its suburbs will be back on MECQ.
On August 2, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte announced that Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces will go back to modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) on August 4, as a response to the urgent call of frontliners who asked for a timeout and reevaluation of the government's plans to ...
Yana Baustista was supposed to join Ateneo's football team this school year.
Another young talent succumbs to the deadly COVID-19.Yana Bautista, a football player from Miriam College and just committed to Ateneo, passed away on Wednesday. She was 17.Her sister, Philippine women's national football team stud Martie Bautista announced the news on Facebook."These past few ...
Is there any truth behind the claims?
Our love for Hallyu does not stop with K-drama and K-pop, it also extends to Korean food. From samgyeopsal to kimchi, we're sure Hallyu fans have tried incorporating K-food into their regular consumption. Speaking of kimchi, the staple Korean side dish is getting plenty of attention recently after ...
DepEd proposed the resumption of limited face-to-face classes in areas under MGCQ.
In a meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte on the evening of July 20, 2020, Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Briones proposed the resumption of face-to-face classes on a limited capacity in areas under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ). In a report by ...
Online classes will be the "new normal," but not everyone has the luxury to simply adjust.
As universities prepare for a year of online classes (and explore possible hybrid setups wherein partial requirements are still fulfilled on-campus in compliance with social distancing guidelines), several campuses have already launched their online portals for upcoming digital courses. Students can already ...
Welp, it should be less than a face-to-face class.
As many campuses prepare for an unprecedented year of distance learning, or perhaps hybrid classes for some, a study conducted by two professors, Dr. Lawrence Tomei from Robert Morris University and Douglas Nelson from Seton Hill University, published in September 2019, revealed that the ideal number of ...
Here's to LGUs supporting and learning from one another!
The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined what Bayanihan and "kopyahan" means for Filipinos. The most important thing, as many netizens point out, is that LGUs and civilians work together and share best practices in preventing the further spread of the coronavirus and its socio-economic consequences ...
It's time to champion local employment.
It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve read or heard about the country’s economy during the COVID-19 crisis. In March, businesses had to temporarily close and everyone would have to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of the respiratory ...
It was supposed to end today, June 30.
Comelec has announced that the suspension of voter registration will be extended to August 31, due to the rising cases of COVID-19 infections in the country.“The suspension was previously set only until June 30 but was extended for two more months in ...
While they had to make some adjustments, it’s not all hopeless.
The COVID-19 pandemic proved that it’s not just a global health concern. Its effects are also felt in different fields and industries. Businesses are closing down, individuals are losing jobs, and economies are failing. Career-wise, it’s not as easy to set out ...
Olivert Ong Jun 18, 2020
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Karen Mei Caro May 20, 2020

This COVID-19 pandemic came and we are not ready. Suddenly, everything has changed and it was never the same again. There's chaos almost everywhere. Hospitals are crowded and people die. Some lost their family and friends without saying goodbye. It's truly a lonely sight. But behind this terrifying situation are lessons learned.


I am a working mom with two small kids. I have always wanted to be with them and just be a stay-at-home mom but we have lots of bills to pay so it was next to impossible. Though this crisis upsets me, I am thankful that I have more time with my children these days. We may not be able to go out like we used to do but we can still have fun together. They enjoy riding their bicycles while enjoying the morning sun, building blocks and many other things.


I'm not proud to admit it but I was a certified shopaholic. Almost everyday, I had deliveries from different shopping apps. I had also frequented malls and felt the urge to buy things immediately. I knew it was an addiction that was difficult to resist. So, even if these were not included in our budget, I would buy them. Then, later on, I would just regret the things that I bought because I didn't really like them. Just a waste of time and money. And now, since the lockdown happened more than a month ago, I was able to overcome the feeling to buy something I don't really need. The excitement is no longer there. I realized that I can still survive even without those new clothes, bags and shoes. And those material things are momentary and meaningless. Of course, these can make you happy but family and health are more important because not everyone has them.


I have learned to be thankful for what I have, to stop complaining and to be patient to wait for my own breakthrough to come. This crisis opened my eyes to the harsh realities of life. It is heartbreaking to see other people looking helpless and struggling to find food for their families. I may not have lots of money but I have learned to give and help others in my little ways. It made me understand that even if I am not rich, I have a job, a home and food on our table. And these are priceless.


I know that their situation is not easy at all but they willingly endure the challenges and difficulties just to save and protect us from this deadly virus. Their families are also waiting for them to come home but they would still have to delay it until the pandemic ends. Yes, they are strong but exhausted - because even heroes also get tired. I know how it feels because my husband is a hero, too.


We are safe there and we cannot catch the virus if we practice good hygiene and social distancing, wear masks and not go outside. It is not boring to stay at home; it is a luxury that many people cannot have that's why I am grateful. So, let us do our part in our fight against this COVID-19. It is time to show our solidarity to end this pandemic because this is everyone’s battle.


There seems to be a lot of fear right now but I believe that Jesus is greater than this virus. And time will come when He will take it away. We do not know when it happens but God has a purpose - that is to love Him first and not anything else, to be humble, to repent and to turn back to Him and be saved. I also learned to be brave because God is my strength. And that Jesus, my Lord and Savior, can heal everything including corona virus. This morning, the sun was radiant and beautiful. It's like a symbol of hope. Of a new beginning. Of healing. And I believe that after this pandemic, we will rise again and heal as one.

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Andre Ragonton May 17, 2020
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Lia Reoma May 13, 2020

"Time" (Something to Ponder on Quarantine)

By Lia Reoma

Have you asked yourself what have you been doing lately? Are you one of the people saying they're bored in their house? Nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs on their phones, day and night. Wishing that time would go faster, where all of these are over and they can hang out with their friends. Has time run slow lately because there's nothing to do? Or maybe you're just doing nothing?

Complaints about being quarantined are all over the internet. Why not look on the bright side. Let's be positive, but not with COVID-19. There are good things that quarantine has done to us. Not only is it the reason why we are safe inside our homes but it also has given us something precious, something that has always been there but often took for granted, time. "Time" that you've been wanting to have but couldn't because you're too busy in school and at work. But today, time had been given to us. A time to take care of ourselves. Take that long rest you've been wishing for. We all know you deserve to sleep and relax, there's nothing wrong with that, just make sure it's not the only thing you'd do for the whole day. Bond with your family. Let's admit it, we haven't been able to give time for our loved ones for a long time. And this quarantine period has been the longest time you've been with your parents and siblings. Why not catch up with them. Watch a movie and eat together. Enjoy the company of your family. Because if everything goes back to "normal", you won't be able to spend much time with them. Cherish ever second and enjoy the little things. Time may have been running slow lately. But why not use that time before it slowly runs out, before it's too late. Spend it with the right people. We really don't know how much time we have left. For now, we are given a lot of it. So let's not waste it. Jay Shetty, a motivational speaker once said, "Time flies, but we're still its pilot". So today let's fly!

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Words: Darryl Banay Peñaredondo

Allowing students to cope up with the changes brought by the coronavirus disease, several schools and professors opt to cancel requirements and pass their students. As an act of compassion, top performing universities including Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila gave out passing mark to all their students with proper directives and guidelines that brought questions to other universities that can’t do the same.

Students and teachers, admit it or not, are the soul of any institutions (schools, universities or colleges). The development and growth of the students reflected to the quality of education they offer. Hence, quality education only grows if universities can give proper care to their learners specifically a help to ask students’ concerns about their struggles during this time of crisis. It is worth listening and involving the students, also non-regular employees we wish to help because their views and discernment is the tool to accurately respond to what the institution need in this time of quarantine.

Over the past few days, students’ sentiments and perceptions became an important determinant to show how a Higher Education Industry (HEI) imbibes the values of progressive leadership — whether they acknowledge the need to open their ears and hearts to self-awareness or not. Emotionally coping with this strange invisible enemy named COVID-19 was a challenge for all. Online classes is done in normal situations, we’re in the middle of a crisis. It is impossible for ‘all’ students to fulfill their requirements, communication and learning-wise. It is so unfair to not take considerations, especially in state universities, where over half of the population is living in a life of “one scratch, one peck.”

According to the Philippine Constitution, higher education institutions are mandated, whether public or private, to operate within an environment of laws and policies that aim to guarantee and protect the right to education of all citizens by ensuring that institutions of learning promote access, equity.... Going back, I believe that giving bunch of works and requirements in this outbreak doesn’t promote enough access and equity.

Another option is providing learning materials for students who don’t have enough resources such as gadgets, internet etc… But what if they lend it as future investment for facilities, laboratories and equipment that they lack of? Another reason to think. Still, we cannot deny the fact that we are not yet ready for this situation, and so, flexible learning.

According to Commission on Higher Education Commissioner Prospero de Vera, months of May to July should be used to ‘prepare’ for the flexible learning system, which will be implemented for the coming academic year. Needless to say, rolling out flexible learning at this moment is unnecessary ?again, we are not yet prepared. But in an unfortunate instance, everyone is not just physically dealing with their health, but also mentally. In this unexpected time in history, we might develop feelings of fear, anxiety and stress in that plays and overwhelms their overall welfare. According to The University of British Columbia, to understand stress and the stress response, one needs to recognize someone else’s stress.

Students’ mental health is one major problem, as they grapple between prioritizing their welfare and their academic requirements. In a published article of Anjali Hazari, a research conducted over the past 30 years has shown that students learn better when they perceive the learning environment ? refers to the social, psychological context in whixh learning occurs ?positively. In that, I believe schools need to adhere this problem Generation Z and Alpha (which we call millennial) facing right now. What doesn’t seem a problem for a person might be a major problem for another. If a student from a university has infected with the virus, I hope none, how is he gonna fulfill his academic requirements? Is he gonna fail his subjects? With all the privacy and discrimination to the victims of the deadly virus, I’m crossing my fingers that you won’t leave them behind.

Student-driven solutions to educational inequity is all we want. Involving students’ sentiments into the process of decision making is vital in the light of COVID-19, because they can give clues on how effective a university is, especially their feedbacks about the institution’s present condition. Their comments can reveal the institutions’ weakest points, and if enough of them share the same discernment, maybe it’s time to re-calibrate and reassess. Students’ criticism should be taken constructively. It’s not yet late to change the imposed guidelines and policies for new normal. I believe that change isn’t just a diversion, but a proper way of learning. Dropping some ego will not make an HEI less competent during this crisis. If HEI still pursue to give boatload of academic works, in a life where the main reason to study is to afford a ticket to our dreams, we have nothing to do but follow and be a slave of our dreams in this uncertain time.

To understand the students on a deeper level, higher education institution must learn how to listen without judgement. We are locked in a cell that has no bars and we became prisoners of the threat that is beyond our control. This is not a crusade of the slaves, but it’s the perfect time to listen to the collective voices of the people ? we are your learners, not your slaves.

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The Melancholic Cry of the nation

By Lhorie Faith L. Wakat

Losing our loved ones is always a painful journey that we have to face, but what makes a painful journey more dreadful? Is it remembering the good old days you’ve spent with them or the remaining days you wished to spend with them?

As you step outside, it's like you've entered a movie scene where roads are all empty, the whirling of the wind was louder than before, and silence broke the rowdy streets. Despite the quietness of the city, lies the fear and agony of the people. The silent cries of the grieving family and the unfortunate deaths of COVID-19 victims. The death that startled and frightened everyone. Thousands of fighters that have lost their battles. The pandemic has taken the lives of every child, mother, and father of a family. Just like Liza, who expressed her grief in losing her mother whom she described as healthy and fit before she tested positive for the virus. "My mother Nida Cortes Paqueo died shortly after her 67th birthday," and described the tragic demise of her mother, "My beautiful mother, Nida was cremated. She died alone without her loving family and friends around her. She was cremated, alone without ceremony or tribute.”

This scenario portrays the situation of thousand families who're bereaving from the deaths of their loved ones, it made them felt like someone grabbed all opportunity they had to be with them and now they’re left with nothing but a heavyweight that they have to carry. The scariest part of dying is being buried to death having the feeling of restlessness. The thought of having no one to talk to and only loneliness lingers the room. What saddens me the most are the words left unspoken turned into tears as they knowingly faced death, alone.

Victims suffered not just physically but also emotionally. They're isolated within the four walls, yearning for their family's affection; entertaining themselves as they watch nurses and doctors countlessly enters the room. It’s like their sadness is eating them alive, wishing for this misery to end but it didn’t. Every weeping family’s despair is having the desire to caress the hands of their precious ones and reassure them with endless support in times of their despair; longing to give them warm hugs and stay with them during their darkest times, but it only happened when they bid each other goodbyes, as they grasp the jar of ashes.

COVID-19 gives us eerie memories of tragic deaths and unsettling situations that are depriving us of living our ordinary lives. A dolorous battle against an unseen foe, living life as if every day is an uphill struggle that we have to face. The sad state of affairs that's hovering our beloved country, how many more lives will it take for this catastrophe to end?

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Celeste Legaspi May 8, 2020
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This is a drawing and a poem I’ve made for a summer love. Our time together was short-lived but the feelings were not.

“God’s Gift”

On a platform we stand

Faces seen all in a blur

Relentless searching led by a spur

To find someone, to feel something

Aren’t we fools to waste away time?

To look for one man’s treasure

Somewhere as ephemeral, as fragile

As a bond built in crime

But aren’t we just like every weary heart?

Hoping for an oasis

In the midst of the desert

Wanting to quench our thirst

Aren’t we all like frosted windows

Of old and battered houses on winter?

Wishing for the sun to give us warmth

To melt the facade so we can show what the inside is made

Aren’t we maven pretenders?

A Casanova? A Temptress? Who made us this way?

A sly fox? A ruthless hunter?

Let down the walls, It’ll be okay

Rushed for a hug, now no hesitating

Engulfed by a sense of bliss or was it longing? Eyes wide-open,

Stepping on a quicksand I embraced the fall into the deep end

Gazed at you lying there unaware With you, found something rare I swear

Realization dawning as loud as a thunder

As the Beating of your heart put me into a deep slumber

Waking up from this reverie

Truth slapped me back to reality

Two worlds so different, now I see If only I could I’d be anything and anyone you need me to be I’m the ludicrous clown, you see

Thought if I ruin it first I’d be free

From the doubts brought by my own insecurity I was so wrong,

What a tragicomedy Brought by the month of April

We rushed the ticking of clock to May Hands interlocked

Weaved skin to skin on a rainy day But when June came to say hello, all went dark grey

What was once there ceases to exist Like the wilting of a flower

Once so beautiful, so full of life Now turned into dust by death’s kiss

Unbounded joy brought by your presence

Paralleled with the perennial ache of your absence Yearned for and offered seventh heaven

Now the heart weeps for evanescence

A mirage, to be the fair maiden The sorrow to find out I’d end up our own villain

But all’s well for you are but a distant dream Gamaliel, You are, I knew it from the very beginning .

Written by me, the one-shot story

Coffee is about a girl who used to cherish moments with someone in a cafe. Sometimes, a simple drink can leave an imprint on someone's mind. ____________________________________________


It's been a year since my boyfriend and I broke up. I love him and he loves me too but things just didn't worked  the way it should be. Now I'm heading at the cafe where we started and ended. I have no choice but to go there after all it was made up of both happy and sad memories. But that's life , right? We can't be happy all the time. Challenges come and hearts can break. But it doesn't just end there.

"One signature coffee , please." I said as I ordered from the cashier.

"What size?" she asked.

"Small." I said.

Then she took my payment and I headed towards the seat near the window. A window seat.... for two. The cafe was surprisingly full tonight unlike the past few days.

Again, I have no choice but to sit on that window seat. It is where we sit often. It is our seat. Our place. There are a lot of couples at the cafe and wow I'm alone. There's a part of me which says you should be happy because he's not the only guy in this world. Another part of me says you're still hurt so don't pretend to be happy. The truth is , I am both happy and sad.  I'm happy because we're both free and we can focus more in our careers. But I'm sad because I'm not the other half of his heart anymore. I'm sad because I let him go even though I still love him. I'm sad because I can't see him. I'm sad because I can't share this relaxing coffee shop where we can chill with the aromatic smell of the coffee.

"Small signature coffee?" the waitress said as she serves my coffee.

"Yes. Thank you." I said.

"Since you're a regular customer here, we would like to give you this item for free." the waitress said. She handed me a purple journal with the name of the cafe on it and a pen.

"Oh thanks." I said .

"Enjoy your coffee!" she said.

I took advantage of using the freebies from the cafe. A window seat is also a bonus in inspiring me to write something. While sipping my coffee my brain and my heart began to function smoothly.

And so I wrote: My coffee has been cold lately, I can't feel anything after taking a sip and there's no heat to leave a pain on my lips. And it was a relief. But then, I remember one thing about sipping a cold coffee instead of a hot one: cold coffee doesn't leave you any marks when you sipped it, just like a blunt feeling. But a hot coffee will leave you a remarkable pain from the heat which reminds you that you are alive to feel....

I closed the journal and stared at the window. He was the coffee. The hot coffee. No matter how our breakup hurt me, he left me a mark and a lesson to learn. A hot coffee can be a challenge too or an obstacle. They all made you feel that you are alive. That you can go on with your life. You can still stand up. Love taught me to move forward. He taught me to be stronger. He is love.

Belley Marie A day ago


One of the proudest things as a fan is the feeling that you are part of their growing fandom and stardom. From streaming their songs online, watching their music videos, TV guestings, collecting photocards, albums, lightsticks, attending to their concert and fan meetings surely, you're a fan! But there's a problem, MONEY.

It's really heartbreaking when you hear that members of your favorite band are coming and their concert is just around the corner but here you are thinking of how to sell one of your kidneys just to go to their concert (kidding).That no matter how much you try to save, it will never be enough for a ticket because you are only a student who has limited resources or if you're an adult, you have bills to pay. So joining a "team bahay" livestream is your last resort, but sometimes even those links don't work!

Of course if there's team bahay there's also "team airport/ team labas", fans who waits at the airport hoping to see their idols upon their arrival. How we wish we could also attend and be part of it, something like shouting their names, fanchants then cry out of happiness while waving their lightsticks or banners. What a concept isn't?

Hey, cheer up! being broke doesn't make you any less of a fan. Know that there are other ways to support and love them. For sure our idols have the same and equal love to us no matter what "team" we belong (team concert, team airport/labas and team bahay).Maybe for some people, they might think we are being overly dramatic without knowing that for us fans, their existence itself and music saved us and made us happy once in our lives. -Gwy June 16,2020

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