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We're in love!
Growing up, many of us had to deal with strict parents. It's just a normal part of our lives! To what extent, however, usually varies from family to family. But one thing we know for sure is Pinoy parents are the ~strictest~ ...
So you're dating someone, but aren't really offish yet. Here's what not to do so you don't cut the relationship short even before it starts.
Girls usually have a mental checklist of what they look for in a guy to start a relationship with. "He must be this, he must have that, he must like this too..." Crazy. But in the beginning stages, some things girls usually ...
Doesn't anyone miss the time when "akyat ng ligaw" literally meant a guy coming up to a girl's house to ask her parents for permission to take her out?
We know times are rapidly changing and ligaw is slowly evolving into something super casual and less strict. On one hand, we think it's awesome because that takes the pressure off of something that ideally should be something enjoyable. But on the other ...
We asked these guys how competitive they are when it comes to winning a girl's heart. Visit the site daily to get a new confession!
monday"If she doesn’t like me then I could search for another one instead. :)"Kobe, 15tuesday"If you truly love someone, you are supposed to fight for her. I would say that I am really competitive when it comes to winning a girl's heart ...
Is courtship a thing of the past or is it still relevant at present?
monday"For me, it's still relevant. It is something that I would do to prove to a girl that I really love her."Patrick, 17tuesday"Courtship is still relevant. It is a way of knowing the person more and it may establish a friends kind ...
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