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BRB, gonna watch the short film again.
Stanford University is pleased to announce that interested students can now enroll in a ten-week course about one of today's most critically acclaimed songs—the ten-minute version of "All Too Well" by the award-winning artist Taylor Swift! Miss Americana's hit song is so ...
Hot take: You deserve to choose the course you want to study.
Choosing a college course is difficult, but even more so when you don’t have your parents’ support. Here’s a hot take: You deserve to choose the course you want to study. It’s true that we should be grateful for our parents, but ...
"Who was your first celebrity crush?"
The Candy eds share their first celeb crushes (no matter how embarrassing!). What about you? Who were your first celeb crushes? ...

The coolest teen prize in all packs
More than 10,000 teens have won! What are you waiting for? Share the fun prizes you've won and other exciting prizes you'd still like to have! SistahFun SMS promo until August 31, 2007!

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