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As expected, we're not the only ones who think the content creator nailed it.
Disney's Encanto currently has everyone captivated. The animated film's endearing mystical storyline and catchy musical numbers have acclaim pouring down from everywhere; even from the Hollywood Foreign Press, who just awarded it the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film of 2021!Among the numerous fans of ...
Yup, she really included the MRT in her photos!
There's no doubt we're all super-proud of Netflix's Trese, a comic-based animated series set in Manila where supernatural creatures such as aswang, tikbalang, and nuno sa punso live amongst humans. The show's lead character Alexandra Trese is one amazing ~supernatural detective~, and ...
Cosplay is one of the many ways to unleash your creativity.
Theater Arts major Sophie Barroga has been into dressing up ever since she was a child. When she discovered anime and games, Sophie's penchant for dressing up eventually blossomed into cosplaying different characters.On the internet, Sophie goes by Nakano, inspired by one ...
It takes a lot of work, but anyone can pull it off if they're passionate about it!
From the days of institutions like Polidread to the current wave of internationally-acclaimed personalities like Jin, local cosplay (short for “costume play”) has become a huge movement that has created a vast community crossing different fandoms and genres. Cosplay competitions are a ...
This weekend, treat yourself to a Japanese theater show, shop for Filipino-made products, and try out cosplaying.
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