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Each channel has millions of views for a reason; give this list a listen and you might find your fave songs in new renditions you'll fall in love with.
He's known for his mashups to covers of trendy songs like Starving, One Dance and so much more. His looks are a plus but once you hear his single, "Work the Middle," you'll really get to know just how talented he is.  Watch ...
The 5 things you might have missed today!
Looks like Liam girls have a reason to celebrate. Despite the lack of One Direction reunion updates, we're happy to report that Liam Payne just might surprise us with solo music soon. His pal Conor Maynard has revealed that he has written ...
Elmo Magalona gives updates on his latest movie, Chris Brown shares his love and more celebritweets from cute male celebs!
What a fulfilling day!!! Got to shoot Just One Summer again! Just one more step closer to finishing it! :)Great news for JuliElmo Fans! Elmo Magalona tweeted that they are a step closer to finishing “Just One Summer,” Elmo’s first movie with ...
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