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He personally dropped by to give his donations to the Magic Shop Community Pantry.
Ever since the first community pantry was established, plenty of similar initiatives popped up across the metro, led by various individuals and groups with the same intent of lending a helping hand where they can in the middle of a global crisis.One such ...
Meet the third-year FEU student behind the Oxford Community Pantry.
In April 2021, Ana Patricia Non's idea of setting up a cart where people in need can get essential goods like rice and vegetables inspired the nation to turn it into an entire movement. Within days, other non-profit organizations and individuals have taken the initiative to ...
Check out The Happy Liblarry!
Community pantries are now popping up all over Metro Manila to help fill the gaps—and it looks like people are coming up with different versions, too. One has been set up for our furry friends and we have also spotted another community ...
As they say, kill them with kindness.
As community pantries emerge in the spirit of bayanihan, citizens, including celebs who have more to give, have been setting up their own within their communities, or donating to organizers who already started their own.The goal is to help provide the daily needs of Filipinos who have been severely ...
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