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Nothing's attractive about skin looking less than healthy. Check out these 7 steps to pretty!
It's an epidemic: dull skin, crusty lips, and a face as pale as a Cullen's (minus the shimmer). The weather is the culprit, and it is keeping your skin from looking its best. Here are some tips and tricks to make your ...
We want to know when you you're comfiest in your own skin.
You are beautiful no matter what your shape, skin color, or hair type. We believe that each and every one of you should learn how to love your body and be comfy in your own skin. is partnering up with Nivea ...
After getting ridiculed for her appearance, this teen gets a free surgery to pin her ears back. Just right or too much?
In this CNN feature, a 14-year-old teen girl undergoes plastic surgery to pin back her ears. Nadia Ilse from Georgia had long suffered being called "Dumbo" because of her "elephant ears." She was tired of being bullied and begged her mother for ... Correspondent Mai shares some summer makeover tips to create a new you for the new school year ahead!
Summer is the perfect time to focus on yourself! Come to think of it, you spent one entire school year stressing out on schoolwork. Now that summer's here, it's about time to reward yourself by really getting pampered and feel relaxed! And ...
Inherit the stars' best traits! Believe us, it's not a tough act to follow.
It might not live up to the impossible standards of physical perfection, but your body is beautiful in so many unexpected ways.
Oily skinAlmost every teenager with oily skin goes through the torture of acne. But as much as you hate having pimples today, your overactive oil glands will make your face more beautiful tomorrow. The oil your skin secretes actually traps the moisture ...
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It's time to turn the spotlight on your favorite feature!
Feeling left out? Read up on some familiar social dilemmas and find a unique way to make each one work.
Finding pals for keeps is like the quest for the perfect pair of jeans—difficult and time-consuming, yet totally worth it in the end. In a world where nothing is ever automatically custom-made, you have to learn how to work with the way ...
You want to look fashionable but you're too shy to show it off? Here's what you should do.
I really want to be in. I love dressing up but I don't have the guts to be fashionable and wear stylish clothes in public. Help me! —Joanne Wy via FacebookThe solution to your problem is confidence. You don't have to be ...
Get tips on the kind of outfits you should wear if you look young for your age.
A lot of people say I look young for my age. I am already 17 but people think I look 13! How can I change that? HELP!!! —Coco via TeenTalk If you look young for your age, try dressing up in a ...
A Candy Girl from the province asks what kind of clothes she should wear.
I am a certified probinsyana. When I try to wear chic clothes, my mom would say I look awful. Do you have any suggestions on what should I wear? —Angelica Martinez Gulfan via FacebookFashion isn't based on where you grew up or ...
Look forever young and follow these easy steps to keep a youthful glow.
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