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We can hardly wait for these new shows and returning favorites.
So many shows, so little time. We've rounded up the most buzzworthy ones, both new and returning, that deserve a spot on your viewing schedule this season.What happened to Archie's dad, Fred? Will Bughead survive Juggy's move? How will Ronnie's dad's return ...
A spectacular feast for the eyes, J.K. Rowling's new story is also a mirror of our changing reality.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first of five films conjured out of a very thin Hogwarts textbook and written for the big screen by J.K. Rowling herself, is in many ways similar to the Harry Potter series. We start ...
What are your TV habits?
Lights off, shows queued, popcorn freshly popped—we've all gone down the rabbit hole of binge watching, getting lost for hours and hours in new worlds, only to be yanked out by Monday mornings or ~adult responsibilities or real world interaction (a.k.a. Mom ...
Can you believe we're on our eighth and final season of the show?
Can you believe that the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries is about to start this weekend? Eight seasons. EIGHT. SEASONS. It feels like a lifetime ago when we first saw Elena, Damon, Stefan, and the rest of the gang! ...
Jacob Black is back! Kind of.
The whole world freaked out when Taylor Lautner joined Scream Queens as Dr. Cassidy Cascade. Everyone clearly remembers Taylor from the Twilight Saga, including the writers of the show. In the very first episode, we were oh-so generously treated to the gem ...
"Today's the day, today's the day... Say something clever!"
The Flash is back for season three (Wednesdays, 3 pm and 8 pm on ETC) with a whole new timeline thanks to Barry Allen preventing his mom's death last season. Things are a little confusing—Barry's diagrams help a lot!—but wherever, whenever Barry ...
Food has never looked this good.
The thing about watching food shows is that we get sooo hungry seeing all that delicious food, unable to just reach into our screens and stuff our faces. On the other hand, we can't stop watching because it's really amazing to see ...
Beast mode!
A few days ago, X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer gifted us with this priceless Dubsmash of his cast going full Beast mode. In the hilarious video, Nicholas Hoult (Beast/Hank McCoy) leads the dance party with his fellow X-Men Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique/Raven), James ...
The night is dark and full of spoilers!
While practically the whole Candy team has been hooked on Descendants of the Sun since March, I just started watching the hit Korean show last week. I'm on episode 12 now and I absolutely love it, like they promised I would, back ...
Zac Efron circa 17 Again, anyone?
17 Againvia ignitetheliight.tumblr.comAn adult who doesn't want to adult anymore finds himself transformed into a "pubescent!" version of himself and is given the chance to make things right and change his perspective in life. This was one of Zac Efron's first movies ...
Time to save up for these box office treats.
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (now showing). Bikini Bottom is no stranger to the superhero trend as you’ll see in this live action movie starring Mr. Superawesomeness (Patrick), The Invincibubble (SpongeBob), Sour Note (Squidward), and Sir Pinch-A-Lot (Mr. Krabs).via ruinedchildhood.tumblr.comFast & ...
When worlds collide, awesome happens. (Spoiler alert!)
You can tell that the team behind The Flash-Arrow crossover had a lot of fun making the double feature: there was twice the action (The Flash vs. Arrow!), twice the humor (Cisco and, surprisingly, Diggle), and twice the feels (Oliver should visit ...
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When everything around you suddenly turns dark, the first thing we'd prolly do, as humans, is to find and grab anything that is closest and nearest to us. We'll hold onto them for as long as we can, trying to collect ourselves and gather courage to adjust our eyesights to the pitch black environment that's consuming us minute by minute. And then you'd hear nothing. Your sense of hearing would somehow go off after not seeing anything for quite awhile. You'll let loose. Cry. Panic. You'll be exhausted for fighting your way out. Then just when you're about to stop and give up, you're no longer afraid. There's only this deafening silence and pithole of darkness that's gonna eat you up alive. And surprisingly, you'll make a home out of it.

You'll make a home out of the darkness that when a ray of light suddenly hits you, you'll try to avoid it. You'll try to cover your eyes. You'll try to cover your ears from the voices trying to help you get out of it. You'll try to hide because your mind and body will go against your will to come out and live. Because the darkness that used to scare you, now comforts you in a way you thought has helped you survived life. And you'll try to live. Day by day. In the darkness. Not knowing where to go. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing who is with you. You will try to live until the darkness that once surrounds you is now within you. And everyday, it's gonna be a cycle of subtle torture. But let me tell you a secret. The darkness won't make you whole.

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You'll be broken. And in those hair-like cracks, the light will stubbornly fight its way through until it warms you up. Until you realize to check the switch and turn it on. Until you allow other people to help you find your way back in the light. Until you realize you're ready to live in light again. There's a light at the end of this long and dreading tunnel. The only question that matters: will you let them in?

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