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Assumption College earned a Level IV and autonomous status, the highest mark given to a college or university.
Ever since the Spanish colonial era, Assumption College has been making waves in women’s education, producing admirable alumni in various fields. If you’re considering this fine institution as your future alma mater, learn about its history, the courses it’s known for, and ...
Plenty of pioneering women received an education at St. Scholastica’s in one point of their lives.
Now close to its 116th year, St. Scholastica’s College (SSC) has been educating young women and some young men for over a century. With its motto, Ora et Labora, or “prayer and work” in English, the highly regarded institute has been producing ...
Many recognizable alumni have gone on to graduate with a Miriam College education.
A prominent fixture along Katipunan Avenue, Miriam College has been molding young women and men for close to 100 years now. Formerly known as Maryknoll College, the school is a great option for young girls who want to earn their college degree ...
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