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You will be fine, Candy Girl!
Yup, we don't even have to say it again: Applying for college is hard. Based on my experience, all I can remember was how stressful it got—getting all the application requirements was stressful, taking the exam was stressful, waiting for the results ...
Make sure you have these in your gym bags, Candy Girls!
Regardless of how busy balancing school, org, family, and friends can be, you should still find the time to sweat it out even for just thirty minutes every day. Whether it's a quick jog around campus, a membership at a nearby gym, or ...
Keep these beauty essentials in your school kikay kits.
College life is way different from high school. For starters, you can wear makeup! #yay At the same time, college life requires you to be on the go all the time. From moving to different classrooms for your different subjects, heading outside ...
Fill your kikay kits with these essentials and you're good to go!
Whether you're a beauty junkie or not, every college girl needs a beauty kit to rely on for moments when sleep just isn't an option because of a Marketing pass due the next day, you want to impress your crush, or for ...
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