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Looking for a place to focus and study?
 Studying at home can be difficult. There, you may be more inclined to lie in bed and use your mobile phone all day. Sometimes, it can be good to dissociate yourself from a place that you perceive  as a space for relaxing ...
Say goodbye to procrastination!
College students know the struggle of finding the perfect study spot all too well. Whether you’re a bright-eyed freshman or a sleep-deprived senior, studying can be a daunting task—especially when you’re faced with noisy roommates, chatty classmates, and distracting social media notifications. ...
Try a new study place to get your creative juices running.
Do you often find yourself heading out to study because you feel sleepy when you're at home, only to find out that your fave coffee shop is full (and noisy)? Well, here’s a list of fun, fresh, and cozy co-working spaces that will ...
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