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Mark your calendars!
We were so bummed when Cinemalaya week was over because that means we won't be able to watch the movies that participated in the indie movie festival this year. But this week, we've been receiving one good news after the other: some of ...
The movie will leave you gasping for air.
We're loving all the amazing films shown in this year's Cinemalaya. As usual. If you still haven't decided which one you should watch this weekend, allow us to help you!Make sure you include Sonny Calvento's crime movie Nabubulok on your lists, Candy Girls. You wouldn't want to ...
Make sure you're ready for this movie.
ICYMI, this year's Cinemalaya has already started. And if you still haven't decided on what movie to watch, allow us to help you. If you're in for a love story with a surprising twist, you better head to the cinemas to watch Nerissa ...
Are you ready for this year's Cinemalaya?
You guys, you guys! Cinemalaya 2017 is almost here! In case you've been living under the rock, Cinemalaya is the Philippines' annual independent film festival. It officially starts showcasing the country's filmmakers' masterpieces starting August 4 until August 13, with the theme See the Big ...
Local indie movies to check out this weekend!
It's that time of the year again, when we celebrate indie cinema at the Cinemalaya Film Festival. With so many full-length and short films to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one or two or three (a very good ...
Zac Efron, Instagram stalking, secret weddings, and more in this week's links from our sister sites on the Female Network.
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Check out the 7th Cinemalaya Festival and Marriott Cafe's Thai buffet this month!
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