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Ciara and her sister Bianca got to meet the YouTube star!
Have you ever dreamed about running into your idol somewhere without expecting them to be there? That would definitely be a dream come true. For artist and YouTuber Ciara Gan, this is one dream she would be ticking off her bucket list.In ...
For when you're in the mood to get things done!
If you're the type of person that *loves* planning out your life, I'm sure you've stumbled upon Notion before. ICYDK, it's an app that lets you make organized lists or "pages" for everything—may it be your classes, orgs, or even projects you're ...
She became viral before becoming a full-fledged YouTuber.
The new generation of content creators has a lot of fresh faces to watch for, one of which is Ciara Gan. The 18-year-old content creator has had an eventful year since she started uploading in 2019. She currently has around 189 thousand ...
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