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 Cute handmade Christmas gifts. Why spend money on useless gifts when you can make one your own—and it's cute too! (via Your acne is telling you something. Read and find out what our acne could be telling us about our health. (via Celebrity Christmas ...
Reunions during the holiday season are always the best!
Is there one holiday tradition that you always look forward to when Christmas is near? There are usually reunions and get-togethers this time of the year and it's nice to buckle down and take a break from the usual hustle and bustle. ...
Spending Christmas away from home? Some quick tips for a great out-of-town holiday season.
With the many travel options now available to families, it's no wonder that quite a few people are now opting to spend the holidays away from home. Affordable airfare, irresistible accommodation packages, plus the promise of a new experience can be enough ...
Simbang Gabi is about to start. Are you ready to wake up at dawn, battle the cold breeze, and gorge on puto bumbong and bibingka?
Come December 16, many Filipinos young and old will be getting up at dawn for Simbang Gabi. The nine-day series of masses is a Filipino tradition best spent with family, friends, and well, lots of food.If you've always been religiously honoring this ...
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