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We look back on all the BBs we were crazy about a decade ago!
When BuzzFeed came out with this article describing what life was like in 2006 (10 years ago!) and we saw a few of Candy's pages on the list, we decided to revisit our old issues and show you more of that decade—the ...
Can't wait for the highlights video? Here's the next best thing: a photo gallery of all the best moments of this year's program!
Last September 22, thousands of Candy Girls converged at the Megatent Events Venue, Libis for #CandyFair2012. Gates opened a little after 10am and everyone was able to enjoy the game booths scattered around the fair grounds (we'll be uploading photos of the ...
Lauren shoots the back-to-school campaign for her a clothing brand, Niall of One Direction hangs with the Backstreet Boys, and more this week on Twitter.
Ever wondered what it takes to make your celeb crushes fall for you? We show you the ways (PS: it's not just about looking cute!).
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