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12-year-old Ken loves posting photos of her toys and cats on Instagram.
The eldest child of Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer is growing up so fast! Kendra Kramer, who turned 12 last June, candidly shares snippets of her life on Instagram and we are all here for her.ICYDK, Kendra is one of the three kids ...
Kendra is growing up to be a fine young lady.
Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia's eldest daughter Kendra is growing up to be a fine young lady.Kendra, now 12, has been keeping #TeamKramer fans on social media updated about her family life.She often posts photos of her activities with her siblings, Scarlet ...
Look how far they've come.
We're so glad that here at Candy, we've witnessed the early stages of these Candy cover girls' careers. Back then they were all pretty, but now, they're even more gorgeous than ever and led a successful life with their career and family.Hit ...
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