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Twinning in life and in style!
Celebrity twins Joj and Jai Agpangan are loved by fans for their contagious bubbly energy—especially when they're together. But aside from being twins in life, the former PBB housemates also have a proclivity for twinning in style.As identical twins, Joj and Jai get ...
We're obsessed with this color, TBH.
Hi there! Neutral-colored outfits are all the rage RN, but if you want to take a break from wearing them, we have a ~fun~ suggestion for you: Why not try going for pink-colored outfits? It's considered a warm, calm, and feminine hue, ...
She wore the coolest designer Birkenstocks!
Kathryn Bernardo may be one of the biggest stars out there, but with her easygoing demeanor, she rocks the stripped-down, laidback look just fine--making her OOTDs super wearable even by us non-celebs. While we can't all afford the *designer* items in her wardrobe, her love ...
Werq it like a boss!
Pink has always been an easy favorite among girls, but it wasn't until this year when millennial pink became the cool color, overthrowing greenery without breaking a sweat at all. Not sure how you can add a dash of pink to your ...
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