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Her powerful poem is a piece you should hear.
Every day, women are harassed. It may happen during her commute, at her school, or even online. Sexual harassment and bullying is rampant, and these need to stop. Women are still perceived to be the weaker sex. What's even worse is that ...
And it should never be normalized!
During a presscon held on March 31 during the "Digong's Day for Women" event on the grounds of Malacañang Palace, Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Assistant Secretary for Operations and Special Concerns Ana Maria Paz Banaag said, "On my part, as a woman, ...
It's about time someone started it.
Most of the time, because we don't go around expecting or anticipating to be catcalled, slut-shamed, or sexually harassed, we're often stumped or at a loss for words when we find ourselves in such situations. It all happens too fast and by ...
And here's what they have to say about it.
The campaign against catcalling and street harassment has been ongoing for quite a while. So it's hard to believe that there are still people who do this, without realizing that it's a form of street harassment. Since this issue is one of ...
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