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'New year, new tattoo. Why not?'
If you're looking for a *low-key* placement for your next (or first) ink, you might wanna try getting a tattoo behind your ear! It's a part of your body that isn't visible when someone is looking at you from the front. Plus, ...
Get inspired by these celebrities who worked hard to earn their degrees!
Feeling a little lazy to study? Get your inspiration from these celebrities who slaved their way through college while juggling their acting career. Take heart, Candy Girls, you're going to hit the finish line soon! ...
James speaks about his recent win, Sam, Robi, and AJ's experience, and more in this week's Philippine teen entertainment news round-up.
♥  PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner James Reid says that he’s not after the money and the fame when he joined the reality show.♥  Kapuso star Geoff Eigenmann finally speaks about his relationship with love team partner, Carla Abellana. Do ...
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