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The 18-year-old actress joins the brand's list of Gen Z endorsers!
It's official, you guys: Francine Diaz is the *newest* endorser of the Careline! The 18-year-old actress has recently been added to the cosmetic brand's stellar lineup of endorsers, and TBH, we can't think of a more perfect fit! Careline first *teased* the fans ...
These makeup collections have the stars' personal seal of approval.
Being in the entertainment industry gives celebrities front-row access to beauty secrets straight from professional makeup artists themselves. We're sure a handful of our favorite stars have picked up a thing or two about beauty from sitting on the makeup chair for hours on ...
Despite its name, this product is not *just* for concealing pesky pimple marks.
These days, a full face of makeup is rarely done, even by the most devoted beauty enthusiasts. Foundation is seldom reached for anymore when heading out. At most, makeup users opt for lighter coverage through their trusty concealers. They are relatively easier to ...
Looking for all the reasons to love louder?
One great thing about growing up and falling in love in 2020 is that now's the best time to break free from outdated and misleading stereotypes--not just because it's a new decade, but because we know the kind of love we deserve ...
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