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It's been a hot topic on and off social media.
Update: As of July 3, various news outlets have reported that the anti-terror bill has been signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte.***The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, also called the Anti-Terror Bill, has been a hot topic on social media and the ...
According to the Department of Health (DOH), depression is one of the most common health problems among youth around the world.
In the Philippines, depression is one of the most common mental health concerns, especially among the younger generations. Over the years, the country has made progress in terms of creating awareness and taking action towards mental health issues, but we still have ...
What is the reality confronting us in this highly contentious tug-of-war on the high seas?
#CandyResearchPaper is a series where we take a closer look at issues relevant to today's Filipino youth, for a clearer understanding of the context of the news we see on our feeds.In October, the Dreamworks film Abominable, which was a joint production ...
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