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Learn how you can rock this chunky closet must-have with ease!
Knits are fashionable, sophisticated, and chic, but it can be a challenge to rock chunky knits in a tropical country like the Philippines because of the heat. But take it from us, Candy Girls. You can rock knits in the Philippines without ...
The full college experience always comes with a price.
While spending habits tend to differ from one person to another, we attempted to put together an estimate on how much an average student needs to ~survive~ college. Please note that these are all based on the writer's personal experience as a ...
Because we can't panic our way through adulthood, can we?
Hello, adulthood! Before you charge to the great big world with your wide eyes and a pocketful of dreams, make sure that you can handle all the curveballs life throws at you.Managing your own financesHandling your own money is the real baptism by ...
Keep these beauty essentials in your school kikay kits.
College life is way different from high school. For starters, you can wear makeup! #yay At the same time, college life requires you to be on the go all the time. From moving to different classrooms for your different subjects, heading outside ...
From sniffing unique scents to mastering the art of memorization, get the tips and tricks to ace that exam!
Wake up extra early because the best time to study is between 4:00-6:00am when the brain functions at 100%.How to actually stay awake when you study? Simple ways like drinking fresh orange juice to doing jumping jacks and making the last few ...
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