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Thinking of working abroad after graduation?
A great number of overseas Filipino workers were sent home due to the global economic shutdown. Because of this, many workers question their ability to find or rebuild a career in another country.The good news is that despite the continuous challenges of the pandemic, ...
You'd have to be wide awake at 3 a.m. to show up for class.
Online classes have its own unique advantages, but they also unearth all sorts of struggles for students. Some encounter problems with resources like devices and internet connection, both of which are essential in a remote learning setup. Others have to deal with ...
Have you ever thought of living and studying abroad?
Have you ever thought of living and studying abroad? It's a big leap to take and requires thorough planning and intenstive research, but if it's something you're really eager to try, then it's worth pursuing--just ask this Pinay YouTuber. Rachel Dancel is a ...
It's not easy, but it's worth it.
We know studying abroad and eventually getting to live and work in a totally new place is ~the dream~. Many students, however, don't really know what the process is really like or where to start. Thankfully, this Pinay started a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing ...
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